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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

9:15am - 10:15am

Opening Keynote: Achievement Now - Elevate Your Success
Tyler Enslin 

According to Inc. Magazine, 92% of individuals who set yearly goals fail to reach them. Join keynote speaker, Tyler Enslin, in this participant-focused session to understand the actual reason why so many people fail to reach their goals. Relatable, engaging, and practical, Tyler has a passion for inspiring individuals to determine a path to growth and achievement. During this presentation, you will create meaningful individual goals for yourself while developing action steps to begin achieving your goals right away. You will walk away with four simple habits that can be implemented immediately to drive achievement and discover actionable keys to a productive mindset. Leave the opening session feeling motivated and energized to begin reaching your goals!

10:30am - 11:30am

The Struggle Is Real: 3 Strategies To Lessen Stress & Enhance Wellness
Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio

As an essential industry, we gave a lot of ourselves during the pandemic. There is a daily struggle to meet rising customer demands, along with the high level of stress dealing with the many unknowns. This current ever-changing landscape has had a negative effect on our mental health, as well as our overall well-being. It’s crucial to understand the importance of mental health and wellness to you, your team, and your company. Join Amy to discover long-term strategies to maintain and protect your wellness professionally, as well as personally. Leave this session with practical tips to become an overall healthier person!

We’re Better Together: The Surprisingly Simple Leadership Strategies That Will Help You Create An Extraordinary Team
Rommel Anacan

In this session, Rommel will break down the complex issue of leadership into three simple strategies that you will be able to implement immediately for yourself and your teams. You will learn the big mistakes leaders make every day that make your life harder (and how to fix those mistakes right away), the powerful foundations of the Leadership Traction Model, and the secrets behind the “Grow and Go” framework. Rommel will share surprisingly simple leadership strategies to create an extraordinary team.

Increase Your Sales Leads on LinkedIn
Jennifer Darling

LinkedIn is the single best source of leads on the planet. And it’s FREE. What if you could position yourself on LinkedIn to attract prospects, and referral partners — without being pushy, sales-y or aggressive? In this session, you will discover three of the best strategies to get more high-paying prospects in your business using LinkedIn, “the Google for Business Professionals!” You will leave this session with Jennifer ready to establish yourself as the go-to expert on LinkedIn.

The 5 Innocent Evils of Digital Marketing
Melissa Decicco

Traditional digital marketing tactics are beginning to have an adverse effect with renters and could very well impact a company’s efforts to attract and retain renters. This growing indifference towards an outward-facing strategy can be seen in just about every industry, and multifamily is no exception. Renters today are smarter and more eagle-eyed than ever before, but what makes sense on paper could negatively disrupt a renter’s online journey. In this session, you’ll learn five “innocent evils” related to apartment marketing and what your company can do to avoid an unintentional sabotage. Leave feeling more prepared than ever to revamp your marketing strategies!

11:45am - 12:45pm

Talent Development for Maintenance Technicians
Chris King-Dye

In this session, you will learn how to promote talent from within your company and provide the resources for a successful maintenance supervisor. Chris will train you how to manage budgets, people, processes, time, and risk. Leave this session with more knowledge on standard leadership competencies that you can immediately take back to your team to make everyone the most successful as possible.

Don’t Care Anymore? 4 Methods To Cure Fatigue & Bring The Compassion Back
Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio

Are you feeling burned out and drained from stressful days and demanding customers? The first step to regain the desire to serve is the awareness that your compassion “bucket” is empty. The “cost of caring,” otherwise known as compassion fatigue, can lead to negativity at work, loss of enjoyment, and depression. Learn how to from apathy to empathy and bounce back stronger than ever. In this session, Amy will give you four strategies to get you back on track and equipped with the techniques to regain a new caring outlook. You will walk away with a game plan ready to take back to the office the very next day!

The NEW Zero Moment of Truth: 10 Years in the Making!
Melissa Decicco

No longer are today’s renters just popping up at the Leasing Center hoping to take a tour. By the time they make any type of contact, renters already have a good idea what a community has to offer, which means the information they find online can help or hurt your ability to secure a lease. What exactly do renters consider to be most important when searching online? And once they do lease and move in, what does it take to keep them year after year? Attend this session to get the answers to these questions, and more! Multifamily professional Melissa DeCicco will cover 10 years of renter trends to help you catch the attention of renters who are serious about finding their perfect home.

Work | Life | Balance: Clarify your Boundaries and Live your Whole Life.
Jacki Carr

On a scale of 1-10, how are you at setting and keeping your boundaries? Boundaries are imperative when asking how to access balance in your work life and in your whole life. Join Goal Coach and Motivational Speaker Jacki Carr for a workshop that explores balance and boundaries. Prepare to leave with three tools to support your boundary practice. Bring your own paper, pen, and an open mind!

12:45pm - 1:45pm


1:45pm - 5:00pm

Trade Show Floor Open

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Fantastic Follow-Up: Just Say “No” to Copy and Paste
Charlotte Pisciotta

Follow-up is most effective…when you actually DO it! Seriously, you’ve invested your time, skills, and passion into turning a lead into a tour, performing a perfect presentation, closing the sale, and overcoming objections. Sometimes, you still don’t get the commitment. Join Charlotte to learn how to avoid the snoring, boring, “I’m just checking in,” or even worse, a generic “copy and paste.” Learn new techniques you can take back to your property the next day to make your follow-up a value add, memorable, and effective.

Who’s Next? Succession Planning for the Maintenance Team
Chris King-Dye

Are you struggling with maintaining and developing your maintenance team? You can prepare for change by grooming porters into technicians, techs into leads, and leads into supervisors. Join Chris to learn how to create a continuous internal development cycle to attract and retain top workers and provide opportunities that result in satisfaction and stabilization.

The Five Keys to Dealing With Difficult People (Without Making Things Worse)
Rommel Anacan

Let’s state the obvious…people can be difficult. Really. Difficult. The problem is if you want to succeed in life you have to be able to win with people, even the ones you don’t like. Learn how to create connection and understanding with difficult people without making things worse. Rommel will share with you the big mistakes that people make in communicating with a difficult person that stops them from gaining relational traction and how you can avoid them, as well as the secrets of the Compassionate Confrontation Pathway™. Walk away from this session feeling excited, clear, and ready to deal with the difficult people in your life.

Moving Beyond the “Pivot”
Lia Nichole Smith

Strategic Agility is an organization’s ability to think ahead of the market, quickly adjust to shifting trends, and capture new revenue ahead of the competition. In order for an organization to be truly agile, leaders must learn to ASK and ADAPT, rather than to DECIDE and TELL. Today’s rate of change won’t slow down any time soon and nothing is more important than the ability to respond quickly and innovate in the midst of disruption. In this session, you will take a 5-question quiz to measure your organization’s strategic agility. Lia will teach you how to create an easy-to-implement plan to propel your properties forward. Are you ready to lead your teams into the future? You will be after attending this session!

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