SAL Visionary Leadership Program

The SAL Leadership Series empowers successful,experienced multifamily leaders to grow their management skills and become a visionary leader to inspire their teams.This program continues to be updated to bring our members the cutting-edge tools, knowledge,and practices to become more dynamic, emotionally intelligent leaders.

This leadership series was created in 2008 to honor the legacy of Sally A. Lentz-Crouse, who was a pioneer in the multifamily industry. Sally’s mentorship and leadership skills played an essential role in growing industry leaders then and live on through this program. This annual leadership series is made up of four criticalthinking workshops, all brought together in the final Visionary Leadership Capstoneat the end of the program.


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  • 2022 Kickoff Reception Date: April 22 from 12-1PM EST *
  • 2022 Workshop Dates: May 20, 2022, June17, 2022, July 15, 2022, August 19, 2022from 9AM-12PM EST *
  • 2022 Visionary Capstone Date: September 16, 2022 from 9AM-1PM EST *


Please note: the kickoff reception and allworkshops will be held via interactive Zoommeeting. The Capstone may be attended in-person or virtually.


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Each year, the Anthony G. Gorup Education Foundation grants scholarships tomultifamily professionals seeking to take their careers to the next level. Click here to learn more and apply for the 2022 SAL scholarship.

Workshop 1: Leadership Roadmap – May 20


  • Lay the groundwork for your success as a leader
  • Develop the fundamental skillset that leaders often overlook
  • Explore the 4-I Model of Interaction, Inquiry, and Influence
  • Understand how to navigate the complexities of management


Workshop 2: Being an Emotionally Intelligent Leader – June 17


  • Define your personal core values and authentically incorporate them into your work life
  • Outline your boundaries to live your truth while inspiring others to follow you
  • Create an action plan to bring your best self into the office


Workshop 3: Deal With It! Handling Constant Change – July 15


  • Learn how to disrupt the status quo while setting your team up for success
  • Explore the difference between leading and managing
  • Focus on purpose to stabilize and motivate your team
  • Establish direction with your team to align the vision and execute the strategy


Workshop 4: Managing You is Killing Me! – August 19


  • Improve your effectiveness as a manager to increase staff productivity andpositivity
  • Avoid the triggers that affect the way you manage others
  • Learn how to adjust for your leadership style but still be authentic
  • Reduce the stressors of oversight, one breath at a time


Visionary Leadership Capstone – September 16


Join us for the Visionary Leadership Capstone session to close out the 2022 SAL Leadership Series! This collaborative, enrichment capstone, will be hosted in-person at IAA’s training facility in Indianapolis, with the option to join virtually.

During the Capstone, attendees will collaborate with cohorts and facilitator Tom Meier to equip themselves with the vision and practices to galvanize a team, andinspire collective, coordinated action. Following the capstone session, attendees willearn their digital SAL Visionary Leadership badge and enjoy a reception with networking opportunities.