Property Owner Rental Assistance Programs

The Indiana Apartment Association has compiled updates regarding all rental assistance programs launched in Indiana.

Important Documents

Click to view Treasury’s Fact Sheet and New ERA FAQ’s. Click here to download Tips for Resident's Applying for Emergency Rental Assistance.


Statewide Program

Please note, IHCDA has currently suspended its program. Current applicants in the queue will continue to be processed. All applicants who previously qualified for assistance may continue to receive future rental assistance until their benefit expires. 

NOTE ABOUT UTILITIES: The Statewide program will not pay utilities billed to the landlord, unless the utility is sub-metered and the tenant is directly billed by the landlord for their unit’s specific utility cost. This utility charge must be separate from rental amount and be the specific utility cost incurred by the tenant. This amount would be considered for utility assistance, separate from rental assistance. Any flat fee utilities included in the tenant’s monthly rent will be considered rent and eligible for rental assistance only.

Click here to download Tips for Resident's Applying for Emergency Rental Assistance.

When navigating the Statewide Rental Assistance Program website, it is recommended you use one of the following web browsers: Firefox or Google Chrome. To speak to someone for assistance please call (317) 800-6000.

Click here to visit the Statewide Program website


Marion County

Note: Indianapolis' program now pays up to 12 months of Rental Assistance. However, applicants must have an eviction case filed against them to qualify. 

Click here to visit the Indianapolis website


Hamilton County

The program will pay back rent or utilities from up until April 1, 2020. As part of the program, landlords will also need to register to receive payments directly should the tenant’s application be accepted. This program is now administered through the Hamilton County Trustee's office. 

Click here to visit the Hamilton County website