2022 Reverse Trade Show Presented by Feazel, Inc.

Faces of IAA,

On May 24, more than 110 IAA vendors gathered for the opportunity to meet and have face-to-face conversations with owners and management executives representing over 104,700 units across the state of Indiana.

The owners and management executives were seated at tables around the room, and each vendor was given the chance to meet with them in seven-minute intervals over the course of two hours. That means each vendor was able to meet with at least 15 management executives and owners!

Jordann Morgan, a Regional Manager for Fath Properties, said, “The event was very well organized, and being from out of town I felt very welcomed. The event was top notch and I was able to make some great contacts.”

Scott Mason, the Director of Operations at Ascend Roofing, said, “[This event] was incredible. It was my first time going, and it didn’t disappoint at all.”

This event benefitted the NAAPAC, the bi-partisan political action committee that supports Congressional candidates who represent good government and understand the needs and concerns of the apartment housing industry. By the end of the event, we successfully raised $37,350!

Thank you to the following management companies who participated:
Barrett & Stokely Inc., Becovic Management Group of Indiana, Consolidated Property Management, Englert Management Corporation, Kittle Property Group Inc., Milhaus Management LLC, Pedcor Homes Corp., Thompson Thrift Residential, Lauth Communities, In Good Company, Gene B. Glick Company Inc., The Garrett Companies, Flaherty & Collins Properties, Fath Properties, J.C. Hart Company Inc., AION Management, Edward Rose & Sons, Buckingham Companies, Dominion Realty Inc., Van Rooy Properties, PRAXM Management LLC, HI Management, IRT Management LLC, Zidan Management Group Inc., Marquette Management, Sheehan Property Management Inc., Pedcor Management Corporation, HILLS Properties, Birge & Held Asset Management

Thank you to our overall sponsor:
Feazel, Inc.

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