Earn Your Star on the Multifamily Walk of Fame

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)
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Every day we are on stage!  From the moment you enter your workspace, your audience is watching you.  What makes an A-list performer?  How do you perform like an award winner?  How do you recover from a blooper? 

Maria Pietroforte broke the glass ceiling as a multi-time president of property management companies at a time when women were rarely leading ladies.   

She learned that whether in the movie “industry” or the multifamily industry, there are common techniques that can make you and your team superstars!  

Learning Objectives:  
  • Improve your presence and poise in sales interactions
  • Recognizing opportunities to take initiative
  • Becoming an engaging star performer
  • How to set expectations for consistent performance everyday 

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT: In order to earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs), viewers must attend the live virtual class. No credit will be earned from watching the recording posted to our website following the class. Attendees are encouraged to turn on their video cameras and participate in any poll questions/open discussion from the speaker(s). Credit hours are based on webinar duration.

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Maria Pietroforte


With 30 years of experience in multifamily turnarounds and startups, Maria Pietroforte offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge.  She has served as President of Tribute Properties, Move.com (Rentnet.com), Kettler, and E&S Ring where she positioned these companies as leaders in their industry & employers of choice, established brand identity & reputation and revenue growth.

Maria holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arizona State and is a Certified Property Manager, a Certified Defense Property Manager, an Advanced Facilitator, and NAAEI faculty member

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