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Member Since: 1994

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Company Overview

Ray’s Trash Service, Inc. is the largest independent recycling and waste disposal operation in the Indianapolis area. Ray’s Trash Service is a family-operated business that has been providing the Indianapolis area with quality recycling and waste disposal services since 1965. Ray’s Trash Service provides waste and recycling service to a wide variety of businesses. Ray’s Trash Service offers an extremely wide range of container sizes and collection schedules. Containers range in size from 96 gallon toters to 8 cubic yards and can be emptied up to 6 times per week. Ray’s Trash Service provides roll-off containers to support your special projects: building renovation, clean-up project, inventory surplus, etc. We deliver the container to your business when you need it and remove it when the job is complete.
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Matt Godbout

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Appliance Recycling/Disposal, Recycling, Trash Service, Waste Disposal