The Indiana Apartment Association is designed to help you succeed. If you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, IAA offers the courses and tools you need to succeed.


We are very excited to launch our FREE class schedule! That is right – these classes will be FREE to members! You’ll still need to register in advance in order to participate but there will be no additional charge to attend these classes. This is just one way IAA is working to enhance educational offerings to better serve the changing needs of members.

Register for the educational courses to stay up to date in the multifamily industry and advance your career. Certificates of completion will be issued at the conclusion of each course.

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NAA Designation Programs

CAM (Certified Apartment Manager)
The Certified Apartment Manager is designed for apartment managers and those who hope to be promoted to apartment managers. CAM will leave students more prepared to succeed in the multifamily industry and give them a stronger foundation for their businesses. The enhanced skills of the apartment manager will result in better managed and more profitable rental properties. Prerequisites include one year of management experience.

CAPS (Certified Apartment Property Supervisor)
The Certified Property Supervisor is a comprehensive program tailored for multi-site managers, or those who desire to manage multiple sites. Those who successfully complete this program will have the credentials and the knowledge to achieve great results on multiple assets. The CAPS program will give students a better, updated overall educational experience leaving them better prepared to supervise multifamily properties. Prerequisites include two years multi-management experience or one year management experience plus your CAM designation.

CAMT (Certified Maintenance Technician Program)
This course is designed as an introduction for new maintenance professionals, or as a refresher for the veteran employee, to give these professionals knowledge and tools necessary to run an effective maintenance program and pave a career path towards success. The CAMT program will increase students technical, business and personal development skills while immediately improving on-the-job performance. Prerequisites include, one year of apartment industry experience.

NALP (National Apartment Leasing Professional)
NALP was developed by the National Apartment Association Education Institute to increase your effectiveness by enhancing your knowledge of the multifamily industry and the career you have chosen. The NALP curriculum is focused on the needs of the property leasing consultant and the contribution this professional makes to the successful property. In class, you will gain a new understanding of the many roles you serve to support the management function at your property.

CAS (Certified Apartment Supplier)
Earn your Certified Apartment Supplier designation and enhance your sales skills as well as your customer relationships. There is an old saying, “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” The CAS program helps you understand the everyday challenges faced by community managers and their companies. At the conclusion of this program, you will be better able to position your products and services to meet the many needs of community managers. This program will also help you make the leap from supplier to trusted partner.

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Indiana Apartment Association Call for Presentations and Speakers

IAA’s Professional Development Committee is seeking new ideas for the year’s education-based content designed to highlight current issues and provide solutions for multifamily professionals charged with creating value for residents and investors. Submissions can focus on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

- Management/Executive Skills
- Leasing
- Fair Housing
- Maintenance
- Leadership
- Low-Income/Affordable Housing
- Multifamily trends

Education Program Format

Education Sessions will take place throughout the year on mutually agreed upon dates. Presenters/Panelists should plan to conduct at least a 60 minute presentation which should include audience engagement, with no more than three co-presenters or panelists.

To help you submit your proposal, please review the following examples:

- Session Title
- Session Description
- Learning Objectives
- Speaker Bios for all presenters
- Tactical tips for submission

Submission Evaluation and Selection

Your proposal will be evaluated using the following criteria:

- Relevance to multifamily housing industry
- Intelligent and clearly articulated submission materials
- Presenter/Speaker qualifications
- Provides useful information that attendees can apply to daily work life
- Audience appropriate content

Our first preference is to maximize peer interaction between members. We recognize that in certain expert areas, non-members may be authorized to teach. IAA retains the right to select speakers as it sees fit, based upon the projected value that the proposed speaker brings to a specific topic.

Submit your proposal today.